Python wrapper for high-level DMRG algorithm in block code.

class pyblock.legacy.block_dmrg.DMRG(input_file, output_level=0)

Bases: object

Block DMRG in its original workflow.

block_and_decimate(warm_up, dot_with_sys)

Block and renormalize operators in Block.

dmrg(gen_block=False, rot_mats=None, tol=None, forward=True)

Perform DMRG.

do_one(warm_up, forward, restart=False, restart_size=0)

Perform one sweep.


Release stack memory.

gen_block_block_and_decimate(dot_with_sys, rot_mats=None, forward=True, implicit_trans=True, do_norms=None, do_comp=None)

Blocking and renormalization step for generating operators from rotation matrix.

gen_block_do_one(rot_mats=None, forward=True, implicit_trans=True, do_norms=None, do_comp=None)

Perform one sweep for generating blocks from rotation matrices.

integral_index = 0
output_level = 0
sweep_params = None
system = None